Howdy…. we’re a New Zealand family that’s been posted to Beijing for three years – the baby Zara, Nikki and me (Daniel). This blog is really written so we don’t forget stuff – and to keep the family and friends we’ve left behind glued to their computers for the next exciting installment.

During our time here, the Olympics will blow past, China will continue it’s sideways shuffle with capitalism, several hundred skyscrapers will be built and the World Expo will be held in Shanghai. I (always with great intention) may write something on some of these things, or may just write about the baby. Difficult to tell.

More likely I’ll follow the path of 98% of other blogs out there, by writing two entries and then losing interest. Only time will tell.

The usual disclaimer: all the views in this blog are mostly mine unless I’ve stolen them from someone else or if I managed to get Nikki to write something (you’ll be able to tell the difference, I’m sure). They are not the views of anyone’s employer.

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