Reid update – Wednesday

Hi all… thanks for all your messages from the last post.

Nikki has spent the night without pain-killers (after some pills on Tuesday that almost knocked her socks off) and managed a shower this morning – but is still in a fair bit of pain. She’s had blurry vision since the operation, which is apparently normal (!) so hasn’t been txting or emailing much, but this is improving. Last I heard she was about to start an expedition down the corridor, to get some walking practice in.

Current plan has her flying back up here tomorrow afternoon – I will pick her up at the airport, and should be able to get a pass that gets me past security so I can help her with her bags. Unfortunately it is scheduled to snow again tonight – the last dump closed the airport for a while, and also closed the airport expressway. So. Lets just hope that doesn’t happen again.

Send her an email at nikki [at] eightwire [dot] com if you’ve got a moment.

(And because you asked – that’s how you post email addresses on blogs that can be seen by the general public. This is because there are nasty spambots out there that roam around the internet collecting things that look like email addresses, so they can forward you invitations to purchase performance enhancing drugs and physical enlargement techniques. Fnar fnar).