Fun and games yesterday.

Zara and I went to a kid’s birthday party at the next-door tower in Central Park.

We were there for two minutes, at which point Zara eats a cashew nut.

Five minutes later Zara erupts in a huge rash and starts coughing and spluttering. I give her some water. She runs off, but then runs back, requires a cuddle and then throws up all over me and after a quick sprint to the bathroom, keeps throwing up until I think there must be nothing left.

Birthday girl’s mum gives Zara and I new clothes and we make an escape. But by the time we get home Zara is awful lethargic and wobbly, so I stuff her in the car and off we go to the doctor (at SOS). Hideous trip. Zara keeps going to sleep in the carseat, and I keep pinching her feet to keep her awake. She still looks awful flushed but I am consoled in part by her snoring.

At SOS I can’t find anywhere to park, and almost write-off a Merc in my hurry. At the door, some poor nurse attempts to screen me for H1N1, and doesn’t respond well to my yelling… and then freaks out when she finds Zara has a temperature. She rushes off to find a doctor while I rip her screening form into little pieces.

Finally they take us around the side entrance to the emergency room and Zara unbelievably finds something more to throw up. I now need a third change of clothes. However, she is now much more alert and interested in things around her and the doctors are all fantastic, saying it’s probably a reaction to the nut (suspect many years of medical training went into that diagnosis), but not dangerous now – if it was dangerous, she’d be much worse than she is.

After an hour of observation (and more puking – to the point where her stomach was empty) we went home.

We may lay off the nuts in future. And we will do some allergy testing next week.

Today she’s box o’ birds and off to school. And I am 10 years older.

(edited for some significant typos – must have got myself all worked up again writing this thing)