20 years ago

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of the day the tanks cleared the students from Tiananmen Square.

The overseas media focus on the anniversary is largely focussed on how this anniversary is being completely ignored in China. Local media have not reported it.

In similar style to the clean-up before the Olympics, potential dissidents have been placed under house arrest a week ago – they will apparently be let out after the day is over. Hong Kong, which is usually more relaxed about protests, has had similar crackdowns. The websites Hotmail, Flickr and Twitter have been blocked (YouTube still hasn’t been put back online since they hosted some footage of the PLA beating up some Tibetans).

I’m going to head down to the square tomorrow to see if anyone is brave enough to stage a memorial to the dead – variously estimated to be between 250 (Chinese Government) to 7000 (NATO).

I suspect the square will be very quiet.