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Maddening fluffy and catchy Diane Birch song

Okay, the last of this batch of time-wasters (my inbox is filling up with actual work).

First, watch this video for this light and happy song from Diane Birch (nope, never heard of her either. Have listened to the song about 10 times now, it’s driving me a little nuts)

then see how they made the video – it’s all one take, with many quick costume changes…

(via Gizmodo)

Right. Back to work.

Trailer For Every Oscar-Winning Movie Ever

A little late for the Oscars, but cleaning out a backlog of stuff I have lying about…

Via Spareroom

A scene from the greatest movie ever made

The movie (apparently) is called Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. Too lazy to find out if this is a real movie or not, but Sam – if you’re reading this, it made me think of you for some reason.

Lazy blogger

The sign of a lazy blogger is when they start publishing short posts that are basically re-posts of other people’s stuff.

But, y’know, occasionally I do come across stuff that I wouldn’t mind keeping around.

Like North Korean Traffic Police.

“Super Punch has rounded up a bunch of the best YouTube videos of Kim Jong Il’s “traffic girls,” who are dressed in snappy uniforms, which they wear as they perform an elaborate, robotic mime-show that directs North Korean traffic. They only turn counter-clockwise. Of course.”

From Super Punch via Boing Boing

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